Bea’s Vintage Tea Room, Bath.

This weekend a I took a trip to Bath to visit a friend, we decided to visit a highly recommended 1940’s style tearoom (Which can be found on Saville Row next to the Assembly Rooms and Fashion Museum) Bea’s Vintage Tea Rooms

The phrase ‘transported back in time’ is often used and rarely deserved, Bea’s however merits nothing left. Its bright, clean and decorative interior is cosy and inviting. The patisserie cabinet is home to a collection of mouth-watering cakes including; victoria sponge, coffee and ginger, lemon meringue pie and a glorious chocolate and ginger.




We opted for the Afternoon tea, although after seeing the next table order a ploughman’s we were highly tempted to divert from the plan. Although very busy, the staff were polite and efficient we had our tier of sweet treats and delicate finger sandwiches in hardly any time at all. image3 The crockery is all mismatched and individual, magnifying the character of the shop. The sandwiches were fresh and generously filled, the scones were perfectly baked and served with a generous portion of clotted cream and jam but the real ‘show stopper’ was the cake. Particularly the giant slab of chocolate and ginger cake we were served. image1-2 The only sacrifice you are forced to make for the quaint interior of Bea’s is it is a little crowded, especially if you have chosen to visit on a sunny bank holiday or weekend. image1-2 Bea’s manages to create an atmosphere that takes you back in time without letting the gimmick overshadow the food or the service. It is perfectly charming and quaint, as well as serving high quality food and tea. Definitely worth a visit. For more info and bookings, visit 


7 thoughts on “Bea’s Vintage Tea Room, Bath.

  1. This is my favourite tea room and I used to live in Bath so it is amazing to see it popping up on blogs now! Glad you liked it and your pictures are lovely! You should try breakfast there one day, you will not be disappointed!


  2. It looks so elegant and delicious! I’ve been to London many times because I have family there. But one time in my life I want to come by myself so I can just hop from place to place and enjoy all that London has to offer! I’m glad I found your blog though, I’m happy I get to experience all London has to offer through it! Plus, your pictures are so on point!! Who knew a phone could take such outstanding photos. I might want to go buy an IPhone 6…lol.
    But your photography skills are also what makes the photos look good. Keep it up! Thanks for sharing your experience with us!


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