Take-away at Muriel’s Kitchen, South Kensington

Lunch-on-the-run can often means sacrificing healthy food for convenient, fatty, fast food. Muriel’s Kitchen manages to achieve the impossible by creating a menu of super healthy, super fast and delicious food. They update their menus every month to ensure that they deliver the freshest food made from seasonal ingredients. The essence of Muriel’s is home-cooked, authentic  British food with a twist.



I went to their restaurant in South Kensington, just outside the tube station. Although their beautifully designed restaurant offers a cosy lunch destination, i decided to take up they eat out offer. A small main and a choice of two of their colourful sides. The main dishes on offer include; Breaded Chicken Schnitzel, Quinoa, Cranberry, Feta & Sweet potato cakes, Pulled pork Sliders and Chargrilled Salmon Steaks. I however opted for a scotch egg, with sides of purple mash and feta and quinoa, beetroot and sweet potato salad.


The mixture of textures, flavour and colours is amazing and makes a much more interesting lunch than any sandwiches I’ve endeavoured to make. Muriel’s can be a pricey option for lunch if you choose to eat in, as i find that a main by itself is not enough and adding side orders can become costly. This make their take-out offer (£7.50) even better value for money, and as it was a sunny day i decided to take mine to eat outside the Royal Albert Hall.



The food at served by Muriel’s Kitchen is fresh, colourful and interesting. Their take-out boxes make a perfect quick and healthy lunch and a cost effect alternative to eating in a restaurant. You maintain the flavour and quality despite the reduction in price, and you can choose the perfect spot to sit and enjoy. For more information visit, http://www.murielskitchen.co.uk


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