Duck & Waffle, Bishopsgate

Duck and Waffle is the highest restaurant in the UK, situated  on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower. I had heard so many amazing things about the food and views, particularly their brunch menu so I booked a table for my mum for her mothers day present.We were hoping we would get a nice clear day so we could appreciate the London landscape at its best. Sadly the English weather wasn’t entirely on our side, but we weren’t disappointed. It definitely lived up to the hype.




There a entrance next to the main doors to the building, where you’re directed to the lifts that whip you up to the 40th floor in seconds. You can wait for your table in the bar, and take in the view.



The menu unsurprisingly centers around duck, duck eggs and waffles. As a  fan of all three that worked out well for me. I would also recommend their cocktails, designed by a Michelin star chef, are weird but delicious. I had Duck Eggs en Cocotte with wild mushrooms, Gruyère, truffle and a side of soldiers, followed by the Full Elvis waffles: pbj, bananas brûlée, chantilly cream and a pile of fresh berries. Both were incredible, and I’d gladly work my way around the menu as every dish brought out looked exciting. Can’t wait to go back!


d&w2But it would be worth going just for the views.



It is pretty easy to get to (a two minute walk from Liverpool Street). For more sociable times of day you have to book up to two months in advance, but they are open 24hours a day so if you get peckish in the middle of the night this could become the ultimate midnight snack destination.


6 thoughts on “Duck & Waffle, Bishopsgate

  1. Best post ever! I always wondered how that place was as I have seen youtubers dine there and take the huge elevator up. It looked fun different and yummy. Just as your described it in this post. Thanks for sharing!

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