The Liebster Award, Thanks TSB!

As I am so new to blogging  I am feeling so privileged to have been nominated by The Simple Beginner for the Liebster award! Janice is a 20 something from Sydney, Australia and writes one of my favourite blogs ‘The Simple Beginner’ . If you haven’t already check it out here. I love the principal of the Liebester award as it encourages peoples to promote and support each other, and it spreads such a positive message.

So once again thank you for discovering and nominating my blog

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The Natural History Museum, London

Cheap days out in London are hard to come by, you can nip out for a coffee and have spent £20 before you say ‘Mocha Latte’. That’s one of the reason I love visiting  The Natural History Museum. With free entry and enough exhibitions to fill an entire day (with a lunch break) it’s the perfect way to enjoy a day in London without parting with too much of your hard-earned cash.The museum is easy to spot (as it somewhat resembles Hogwarts) and even has its own exit at South Kensington Station,

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